Fall From Darkness

Fall From Darkness is a monthly novella subscription. Each a complete story in its own, but makes up the bigger story.

Tianna has never been a good girl; well bat shapeshifter. The life she had been living brought her dark side out even more. Due to a rash decision, her old life has been taken away from her. Now she is cleaning up her act, withdrawing from the addictive drugs. And, gasp, helping out a colony of bat shifters, rivals to her old colony.

Dmitri is the colonies head bat Starks right hand, and he has been struggling to find a way to make their defences better. When Tianna helped out one of the pre-adult bats he saw how they could improve. It was just a bonus that he had, had his eye on her for some time. But she had always been out of reach, in Leon’s death grip.

 NZD $1.50 monthly subscription

 NZD $7.50 for 5 novellas. (1 per month new novellas. Or all of the previously published novellas in the volume)


NOVELLA 2 – 5 October 2018


Tianna is struggling to climb out of the darkness that she has been living. To top matters off, the young bat that she helped has decided that she needs his colonies protection.

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